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what is the web development trends that every CTO should predict in 2021?

Each year web development trends change, So you should stay Up To Date about it.
Either your business is aimed at e-commerce, digital marketing, or technology inventions, you should be aware of these top web development trends for 2021.
Here are some of the website development trends you need to know in 2021:
Progressive Web Application is meant to work on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser, including desktop and mobile devices. It is generally built using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
For users, it is a web application that can appear like a mobile application but is a web application/website in actuality.
Progressive web applications bring a range of advantages: they can operate offline, send push notifications, create a user experience similar to native apps at the same time being much lighter and faster to download. The development process is also less challenging in comparison with native applications.
Artificial intelligence has spread to enter the work of all sectors, and web development is no different. The year 2021 will keep seeing this trend of using AI in website development.
Artificial Intelligence Development brings a range of advantages: Website Development – Machine Learning, Easier Coding, and Enhanced UX.
• Single Page Apps and Single Page Websites
A single-page website is a website that contains one page. The content is fully loaded on the initial page.
By condensing the most important information into a well-structured single-page website, it’s much easier to retain the attention of visitors and control the order in which they consume the information in comparison to multi-page sites.
A Single-page application is an app that works inside a browser and does not require page reloading while being used.
Single page solutions bring a range of advantages:
They are incredibly fast, Provide a hassle-free UX, Application development takes less time and Cost-effective to build and maintain.
• Motion UI
Animations, transitions, and graphics are extremely useful for developing attractive web pages, apps, and sites. Motion UI is one of the latest front-end technologies used to liven up the web interface. The purpose of using it in web development is to enhance digital solutions’ usability and grab the user’s attention.
Motion UI brings a range of advantages:
Makes navigation easier, Makes the website/app stand out from the crowd, and Enhanced user experience.
The Internet of Things deals with massive amounts of data that is collected from sensors, processed, and transferred through cloud networks which makes any delays in the system impossible. The technology assures high security of all data-connected processes, accurate results, and building a dynamic and interactive UI experience.
Internet of Things a range of advantages:
Smarter solutions, Improved user experience, and engagement, and Handling of a large amount of data

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